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What to pack on your dog-friendly holiday

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Your pooch is an important member of your family, so of course you want them to come on holiday with you. Luckily, you’ve found the perfect dog-friendly holiday destination, so you’re all good to go, right?

Hold on – it’s important to remember all the bits and bobs you need to make your dog-inclusive holiday enjoyable for both you and your pet. Our handy checklist will ensure you pack everything they need before you leave.

Food, glorious food

You may be choosing to eat out at a dog-friendly pub every night, but unfortunately that just won’t do for your pet. Make sure to bring enough of their regular dog food with you (plus a little bit more in case they break into the stash when you’re not looking). This isn’t the time to try a new brand of dog food – you don’t want your pet to have an upset stomach on holiday!

For easy transport, there are plenty of travel feeding sets you can buy, such as this one from Pets at Home which comes with a food and water bowl. After all, you don’t want to haul a large pack of kibble around with you. Collapsible dog bowls also come in handy for holiday dog walks and long days out.

Poop bags

No dog owner ever wants to be in the embarrassing situation of being without a poop bag when their pooch decides to do their business. Not only is leaving your dog’s mess behind nasty for other lovers of the countryside, you could be fined.

Poop bag holders are a great way to ensure you don’t forget this essential item. They’re small, inexpensive and act like keyrings, so you can hook them to your rucksack or favourite coat.

Towels for mucky pups

All those muddy lakes and sandy beaches are going to be too much for your pet to resist! Most dogs love nothing more than taking a dip, even if that means messing up their nice clean fur. Save your car, clothes and accommodation from getting dirty by making sure you bring at least one dog towel with you.

Lead the way

No matter how well behaved they are, your dog won’t be able to wander around off the lead in some locations, particularly national parks or anywhere that’s home to livestock. Some dogs might feel more tempted to run away and refuse to recall if they are somewhere they’ve never been before, so be careful and pay attention to any signs aimed at dog owners.

Treats and toys

We all enjoy a treat (or five) when on holiday, so it’s only fair to ensure your dog has their favourite treats too! Of course, it’s best to reward them for good behaviour, and always make sure you’re not giving too many to your dog – you don’t want them to get tummy ache.

They’ll also be missing their favourite toy if you leave it at home. Trust us, you’ll be thankful your pooch has a distraction in the evening, when you’re trying to sit and relax with a good book and a glass of wine.

Their own bed

The one thing that all humans miss most when they’re on holiday is their bed, and the same goes for dogs! While some dog-friendly holiday homes may provide a bed, some dogs will refuse to sleep in anything that doesn’t smell like theirs. It may not also be the right size or type of bed for your pooch, so it’s always best to take the bed they know with you.

Planning a dog-friendly holiday but haven’t found somewhere to stay yet? Island View Holidays are proud to offer pet-friendly accommodation across all three of our parks. Get in touch with us today to find out more.