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This walk begins at Sandown station car park – leave your car here and enter the station. From platform 2, you’ll want to use the walkway to reach the platform opposite. Exit the station via the path decorated with murals. You’ll then reach a road; go over the crossing and turn right. After nine metres, turn left down the footpath, which eventually leads out onto a road. Follow this road – you’ll soon see the Nunwell Trail SS47 on your left (after the road goes into a s-shaped bend). Take it and head on into the woodland.

You’ll stay on this trail, but once you’ve passed through two gates you need follow the path on your right (NC44), which will take you around the edge of the beautiful Skinners Meadow. Take the next right into Alverstone Mead Reserve (path NC17). You’ll soon see a wildlife hide used to spot red squirrels – it’s well worth stopping to take a peak and see if any are around!

Once you’ve done so, keep following the reserve path, heading through two kissing gates and over the boardwalk. After the next kissing gate, you’ll reach Alverstone Road – cross over it onto NC42. Follow this path until you reach the road (Youngwoods Way). Cross this road and take the path on your right, marked NC12. Walk down it until you see a sign for Bretts Meadow; take the left gate into the meadow and enjoy the amazing view of the downs from here. Once you’ve had a breather, return to where you saw the sign for the meadow.

This time, go through the other gate on NC50 – you’re now in Youngwoods Copse, where you’ll find the charming Alverstone Garden Village. Continue down NC50 until you reach a kissing gate, go through it, then cross over the bridge and turn left onto the cycle way. Take the next right onto B54 and follow it until you reach a road at the end, at which you want to turn right back onto the cycle way. From here, you should be able to find your way back to where your walk around the reserve began.